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A. AmazonFBA supports return and exchange services
The Amazon FBA warehouse temporarily does not provide relevant services, general dispute to give buyers a refund processing, if the seller account problems or products have quality problems, Amazon generally has two kinds of treatment.
1. The goods shall be returned to the foreign local address provided by the seller, and the buyer shall pay the processing fee and freight incurred.
2. Direct destruction of goods will be accompanied by a destruction charge
2. Amazon's delivery requirements for the seller to the FBA warehouse.
1. The Amazon and the importer of the can not directly as a recipient (that means the seller when the goods sent to FBA to FBA is can't produce any cost, at the same time the receiver side can not directly write Amazon, generally write sender name (or store).
2. There is no need to print boards for express delivery to FBA. In fact, there is no need to make an appointment for FBA to identify which customer the goods belong to by the box wheat/label posted by the customer on the outer box.
3. The shipment of large cargo to FBA should be booked 2 days in advance, and tracking can be tracked. At the same time, large goods must be palletized and the specifications and requirements of pallets are relatively strict. FBA will not accept them if they do not meet the requirements. Specific pallet requirements are as follows:
1) the size of the pallet must be 80cm x 120cm, and the "EUR" and "EPAL" shall be printed on the 2 sides of the corner. Do not use broken pallets.
2) mark "Pallet#_of_Pallets" in the upper right corner of each pallet.
3) each pallet must be bound with a transparent protective film containing the pallet.
4) the height shall not exceed 160cm, including the height of the tray
5) each product shall not exceed 15KG, and heavy weight shall be marked for the excess. Each item can weigh up to 30KG (this will not happen)
6) the total weight of pallet goods shall not exceed 600KG
7) the boxes on the pallet shall not exceed 25mm of the pallet
8) if necessary, Amazon will accept double pallets
3. Knowledge of FDA related products
English label/trademark description (both in English and Chinese) /FDA certified for sale in the United States.
The Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, is one of the government's executive agencies in the department of health and human services and the public health department. As a scientific regulator, the FDA is responsible for ensuring the safety of foods, cosmetics, medicines, biological agents, medical equipment and radiological products produced or imported in the United States. It was one of the first federal agencies to focus on protecting consumers.
The agency is linked to the lives of every American citizen. Internationally, the FDA is recognized as one of the largest food and drug regulatory agencies in the world. Many other countries promote and monitor the safety of their products by seeking and receiving FDA help. In charge of the food and drug administration (FDA) : food, medicine, including veterinary medicine), medical equipment, food additives, cosmetics, animal food and drugs, alcohol content is less than 7% of wine drinks as well as the supervision and inspection of the electronic product; It also includes cosmetics, radiated products, combination products and other electronic products and medical products related to human health and safety. The testing, testing and certification of ionic and non-ionic radiation produced during the use or consumption of products that affect human health and safety programs. According to the regulations, the products must be approved by the FDA for safety before they can be sold on the market.
Four. American electric balance car new regulation domestic export enterprises should pay attention to
Released recently, the United States consumer product safety commission (the CPSC) relevant safety requirements of the balance of electric car letter request manufacture, import, distribution or sales in the United States balance of electric cars need to conform to the currently used in all kinds of voluntary safety standards, including all the reference standard and the UL 2272 "self balancing scooter electronic system research overview of covered by requirements. In addition, all lithium-ion battery products must meet the test requirements specified in UN/DOT 38.3. Products that do not meet the above requirements may be detained or detained at us ports, and non-conforming products entering the us market may be recalled.
The general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine (aqsiq) issued a warning notice on January 21 to remind relevant enterprises to pay attention to risks. Here, inspection and quarantine bureau in wujiang, jiangsu province also remind balance electric car manufacturing enterprises, import and export trade, distribution enterprises and industry associations such as pay close attention to the relevant laws and regulations requirements and other relevant information, take measures as soon as possible, avoid unnecessary loss.
Balance of electric car and battery products enterprises should strictly according to the general product safety standards, product safety laws and regulations and standard requirements of destination country, getting the product safety and quality control, screen quality and safety defects, packaging product safety. Balance of electric car production or purchase lithium ion battery to watch battery products is in line with the highly simulation, temperature cycle, vibration, mechanical shock, external short circuit, extrusion or impact, charging, such as mandatory discharge test requirements.
Five. Knowledge of cargo transportation, such as pure electronic batteries
International regulations on the transport of lithium batteries are mainly the following two documents: UN Manual of Tests and Criteria, section 38.3, part iii of lithium batteries; International air transport association (IATA) 2004 dangerous goods act, 45th edition. Is with the United Nations proposal (United Nations Recommendations), dangerous goods transport rules of coordinated, the federal department of transportation research and special project administration (RSPA) proposed a modified method of hazardous materials (HMR) in the lithium battery transport conditions, the U.S. department of transportation (DOT) finally released the lithium battery
The final rules, and the lithium battery and lithium rechargeable battery transport requirement listed in the 49th part of federal regulations, namely "the harmful goods regulations" (HMR) chapter 49 "federal regulatory guidelines" (49 CFR part 100-185). Lithium batteries are classified as nine types of hazardous substances. Transportation involves battery testing, similar design requirements, packaging, labeling, emergency contact and procedures, and prototype transportation.
(1) from 1 October 2009, the battery and battery must pass the UN t1-t8 test. The batteries tested by the United Nations
Batteries are not regulated.
(2) from October 1, 2008, if there are more than 12 batteries or more than 24 cores in the package, the package must meet the specific packaging, labeling and shipping documents requirements. See the following packaging and labeling requirements supplement
(3) the core and battery must pass the UN t1-t8 test. From 1 October 2008, unless transported by motor or rail vehicles, it must be transported as class 9 hazardous substances.
(4) must pass United Nations t1-t8 tests and be transported as class 9 hazardous substances.
(5) the identification, labelling, packing specifications and shipping documents of class 9 hazardous substances must be used unless transported by motor or railway vehicles.
(6) the identification, labelling, packing specifications and shipping documents of class 9 hazardous substances must be used.
(7) in 49 CFR 173.185 (a) (1) requirement, if the batteries or battery before January 1, 2006 has been conducted for the first time transportation, have, in accordance with the UN and the types of dangerous goods transportation advice and test with the standard manual third edition (1999) tested, then the batteries or cells do not need to test again.
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