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case analysis
Case 1 bluetooth product
In November 2017, customer mr.chen told that he has is a bluetooth stereo lot to an electrical contractor warehouse logistics company airlifted to amazon, but because of the forwarder company rushed out, according to other products in the United States customs clearance, the goods confiscated. There are two main problems with this incident in pursuing its forwarder. First, no receiving company is Consignee, which is the name of a virtual electronic store and the address of the warehouse is Consignee, so it was inspected. Second, after inspection, it was found that the actual goods did not match the invoice of the packing list. The original product name bluetooth audio was embroidered into bluetooth headset, which caused the goods to be locked. When the customs give scheme is hefty fines, goods can be extracted, but must provide the local has the right of import and export company as Consignee, at the same time have the Notify Party, but the forwarder over there in the United States does not have any relationships and the ability, just fry and goods diddle electricity customers goods, cannot satisfy the condition, thus directly lead to the goods by customs confiscated.
Case 2: us customs 100% check amazon related import goods!
Under the U.S. Customs Regulation 19cfr10.151.
For express items that meet the following characteristics, the tax exemption of 800USD/shipment is no longer applicable.
1. The same sender sent n (n>1) goods to the same Amazon US warehouse within 1 day.
2. N this ticket goods will be the United States government as a "split shipments", thus all into formal clearance required formal entry, whether single ticket value less than usd 800.
3. According to American customs clearance regulations, formal customs clearance goods need to provide the recipient Employer Identity Number(EIN), but for FBA goods, US Amazon does not provide any customs clearance support. Based on the above procedures, all FBA goods sent to the us will be refused entry by the us government once they meet the above characteristics, and such express goods can only be returned to the place of origin.
Based on the amalekites FBA operation requirements, remind each agent, all shipments to the amalekites Hudson warehouse must advance payment (DTP) operation to a customs duty, if found not in accordance with the customs in advance (DTP) model of the operator, please be informed that if the goods and the following problems, the additional costs including tax and all related fees will be borne by the delivery account.
As follows:
- the goods shall be returned to the port of destination directly, and the refund fee involved shall be borne by the shipping account at the published price.
- whether the delivery of the goods is completed or not, the local customs has the right to collect the corresponding customs duties and all fees, which will be directly deducted from the shipping account.
At present the 321 act, the U.S. government in the United States local express delivery delay or detain the warehouse, need to provide valid importer data (i.e., the United States recipient processing customs clearance) for customs clearance processing. In addition, the local channel chamber of commerce of the United States shall contact the American importer to verify the true value of the product and reserve the right to collect the customs duties.
In order to ensure that the goods can be sent through customs clearance as soon as possible, please kindly ask the agents to inform the customers of the invoice value and truthfully declare the invoice value. The packing list and invoice must be matched. And every cartons must declare name, number, number, HSCODE, brand, model, unit value and total value, in reaction to the phenomenon such as the goods without any problem, just need to provide the consignor of normal (China trade company or factory), to provide the Consignee (the United States have the right of import and export company as Consignee local), at the same time to have to inform people (Notify Party), with this information, in order to deal with.
We hope the agents will inform your company to coordinate and make effective customs control. If you have any questions, please contact us.
Case 3: FBA account association
First of all, I'd like to ask you if you know what account association is?
Amazon limits a seller to one store. Account association means that amazon obtains the seller's information through its own technical means, and determines whether multiple accounts belong to the same seller by matching related factors. If amazon determines that multiple accounts are operated by the same seller, an account association is created.
What are the associated consequences?
There's nothing wrong with the amazon account connection per se, but the point is that if one of your accounts has a problem, the other accounts you're associated with will be affected.
Associated with the site's account, amazon is detected between each account you have the cross selling, email it will warn you to delete an account on the Listing, if you are indifferent, amazon would be forced to close all the associated accounts.
An agent of the customer, make a phone call to consult my company colleagues, said he was in the American west XX warehouse opened three accounts, behind after delivery in the past, three store shelves at the same time, has been unable to find the reason. In my opinion, there are three aspects of account connection.
1. It is connected with the account number of the site, and the products sold between the accounts are cross-linked. Amazon will force you to remove all listings of the new account.
2. There is no crossover with the products sold by the site, and the account may survive.
3. It is only a matter of time before one of the associated accounts of any site is shut down and the others are doomed.
At the same time, I suggest "related factors and preventive measures" to help you run multiple stores without any problems.
Network association: each shop is equipped with independent broadband network or computer equipped with a wireless network card, die shop network not in use, change computer configuration and can't without applying to arbitrarily change the address and the network.
2. Fingerprint correlation: amazon can use JS to collect relevant operators browser harmless data, such as plug-in, the system font, operating system version, typing method, method and typing speed and so on. Together, the data is a digital fingerprint that can be used in the background of amazon to determine if the same person is operating.
3. Password association: the accounts and passwords of each store in amazon cannot be the same, and the same account password will lead to the monitoring of these stores in the background of amazon.
4. Image association: different stores should use different product pictures and names. At the same time, it is also important to note that when shooting products, the angles of each store are not the same. It is recommended that one store use a cameraman.
5. Description association: title description, details description cannot copy a store, each store must be rewritten.
6. Information correlation: the registration information of each store must be unique, and there should be a set of matching materials from the name of the store company, the name of the operator, the address, the telephone and the email.
7. Cookies associated: cookie is when you browse a web site, the web server in a simple text file on the hard disk, it can record your user ID, password, stay time, browse the web pages, and other information.
8. Brand registration association: the contact information of each registration website should be completely matched with the trademark registration and the information of amazon's backstage store, which is conducive to the filing and the avoidance of association. (except brand authorization)
Zhongcheng suggested putting the correlative core countermeasures in place
1. Let amazon think that multiple accounts are operated by different people in different places.
2. Determine correlation based on multiple factors, single factor is the same, not related, but long-term imperceptible associated factors accumulated more, will be judged because of an associated factors, and association, sellers should try to reduce the associated factors.
3. Make ten new accounts, new emails, new computers, new systems, new browsers, new road users, new accounts and new products, new broadband, new cell phone Numbers and new credit CARDS.

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